My name is Toni Tapio Timonen.
I am self-taught karelian artist, pseudomanga ('non-japanese manga' term in Finland) / comic artist, illustrator and entrepreneur from Nurmes town, North-Karelia region..

I am also one founder-member of Makasiini Osuuskunta Nurmes' management (Makasiini Co-operative Nurmes / "Makasiini Co-op"). and a member of Ylä-Karjalan taideyhdistys (Upper-Karelia's Art Society)

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19th May 2013

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Poikaa pyydystämäs | Pielisen Vellamo
Boy fishing | Vellamo of lake Pielinen

Boy fishing: There was old photo where mom try to catch her son from water..if I remember right, that same photo was used as reference in Axel Gallén’s “Aino-taru” triptych…

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